Listen and learn chicken dishes for babies

Infants have a more susceptible digestive system and immunity than adults. Therefore, in making the meal menu, caution is required. In addition to delicious, nutrition provided also helps the growth and health of the baby. One of them is protein source like chicken meat. If ENDEUSiast still confused and afraid in providing this healthy food menu, try to find out by reading the article below Yes!

1/When can you introduce chicken Menu?
Judging by the child's dental growth. If there is no tooth, it is recommended to use broth from chicken stew mixed with food porridge. If the teeth have already grown add chunks or shredded chicken breast meat. The amount of meat cuts are also adjusted to the child's chewing activity to avoid choking. Nutrient content in the flesh helps balance the needs of iron, protein for child growth.

Listen and learn chicken dishes for babies

Listen and learn chicken dishes for babies

2/Choosing Chicken
Make sure to choose Fresh meat or still alive. Ask the seller to rinse and cut it. Use the bones and wings as the broth. If you want to use the Concer section, first the skin of the outer shell and dispose of chicken nails. Chicken meat, like chest, is considered a higher protein and lower fat. The meat of the thighs and legs, higher iron and higher in fat. The fat content makes this meat easier to be preserved.

3/How to properly cultivate chicken
A nice way to make chicken is boil the pieces in a little water with additional vegetables and a little spice like basil or garlic powder. Enter vegetables that have sweet flavors such as carrots, sweetened corn, or peas. Then ENDEUSiast can, bake or steam because they both become good methods for maintaining nutrients.

Remember that nutrients will dissolve into the liquid added to the pan. So try making use of the liquid by adding it back to baby food whenever possible. If the baby is not accustomed to the taste of chicken, strain it and brighten it with water instead. Well, now ENDEUSiast already learned its essence. Are you ready to eat meat for babies?

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