5 Tips to choose a good egg when shopping, let's not hit Jackpot!

It takes thoroughness in choosing eggs while shopping. Do not let the eggs we bring home the condition is not fresh or even almost foul.

Besides not being able to last long, the nutrient content will also be damaged. Let's not hit the jackpot, check out the five tips for choosing the following good eggs!

5 Tips to choose a good egg when shopping, let's not hit Jackpot!

5 Tips to choose a good egg when shopping

1. Notice the egg shell texture
The first thing to note is the texture and the surface of the case. The fresh egg mark is a rather coarse texture and sometimes there are white grains (calcium lining) on its surface.

Eggs with shiny surfaces usually have been kept for too long. In addition, black spots in the surface of the egg can be a sign of mushroom growth. Avoid cracked egg shells even slightly or unopened, as the eggs are susceptible to bacterial infections.

2. See the shell color
Besides the texture, note also the color of the shell. Fresh eggs are usually brightly coloured and appear concentrated. Dull or slightly cloudy colors can be indications of eggs are long stored.

But keep in mind, there are eggs that have the original color brighter or brighter. As long as the color still looks fresh and not dull, it means that it can still enter the fresh egg category.

3. Select round-shaped eggs
Choose the egg that is shaped to be round, if you want to get a bigger and dense yellow part. In contrast, if you need more egg whites, you just have to choose a more oval egg.

4. Kiss the aroma of egg
You might be a little confused how the aroma egg ideally? The key, as long as it is not smell of foul smell or carnation of the shell, the egg is relatively safe to consume.

5. Shake the Egg
The last and most powerful way to check the freshness of the egg is by gently cutting it. If you feel there is a swaying content or there is a mass moving in it, it's a foul egg.

The movement is caused by the central strap that connects the egg yolk to the shell already detached, so that the egg yolks are not in place. This can be because the eggs are too long stored.

Always check the eggs you want to buy. It's good to avoid buying already weighed and packaged eggs. In fact, an Omega packaging egg that he said has a better quality you can receive in a foul state.

These are some tips to choose the eggs you can practice while shopping. Good luck!

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