Tips to bake chicken to be more delicious and cooked perfectly

Chicken meat is a food ingredient that is often processed with various cooking techniques, one of which is baked using an oven. Unlike the burning technique that makes the meat dry, barbecuing chickens can make the texture of the flesh crispy outside but feels soft and juicy as it is cut.

In addition to using chicken that has been cut in smaller size, grilled chicken dish also often use whole chicken and only discarded parts of the head and legs only. This whole roast chicken is usually served during big events such as Sysize, wedding event, until Hari Raya.

However, roasting chickens in whole state is not as easy as roasting chicken pieces. The large size often makes the roast chicken more tasteless and not perfectly cooked.
Don't worry, some of the techniques below can be emulate so that your roasted chicken is more delicious and perfectly cooked. Let's practice at home!

1. Let stand at room temperature
Especially for frozen chicken, before the various seasoning, preferably let sit first chicken until the texture is more tender. Otherwise, chicken meat will not be perfectly cooked even though it has been cooked for a long time.

The medium-sized frozen whole chicken usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes until the whole ice on the meat surface really melts. To speed up the time, you can also dilate it by wrapping the chicken using plastic until the meeting then soak it into the water for the whole ice to melt. 

2. Alternating chicken when baked
Because of its large and thick size, it certainly needs a special technique for the perfect ripe chicken when baked. One way is to position the thick part of the chicken breast at the base of the oven, then reverse the chicken position when half-baked.
That way, the roasted chicken will be more quickly cooked and not easily burnt. Juice or chicken juices will also spread evenly throughout the meat surface so that the texture is softer.

3. Season the belly of the chicken
Not only the surface of the flesh, seasoning must also be applied into the abdominal cavity of the chicken so that the taste of the flavor is absorbed more perfectly. In addition to using the traditional grilled chicken seasoning or spices, the chicken belly cavity can also be stuffed with whole garlic, onion or onion, and scallion. When baked, the seasoning will produce a natural broth and absorbed into the inner meat so that the meat flavor will be softer and juicy.

4. Puncture Whole Chicken surface
In addition to adding many seasonings, piercing the whole chicken surface will make your taste roast chicken tastes more savory. The way, chicken skewers with forks or iron rods then oles with delicate herbs evenly.

Holes in the chicken surface will make the seasoning more pervasive to the inner meat. In addition, hot steam when the roasting process will be easier to enter the meat, so that the meat will be faster cooked.

5. Wrap with aluminum foil
Love the texture of a soft and wet roast meat? You can prepare it by wrapping the chicken with aluminum foil when it will be baked.
In addition to making the texture of the meat softer, chicken skin will also not be easily burnt and bitter because baked too long. Aluminium foil also serves as a hot steam holder so the chicken will mature faster and evenly.

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