7 Tips to choose a fresh whole chicken carcass & good quality

Some people choose to buy chickens that have been cut into pieces. In addition to more practical, chicken so much easier to cook. However, certain menus such as frog chicken, grilled chicken, or rotisserie chicken require whole chickens.

To choose whole chicken carcasses, there are tips that you should take note of. If jellies, you can get fresh carcasses that are free of preservatives such as formalin. In addition, good carcasses must be slaughter, not dead because of unnatural causes or illness.

1. Pay attention to chicken color

Good whole chicken carcass have white color with pink tint. Avoid pale-coloured chicken to bluish. Avoid the chicken as shiny as it could be given formalin.

2. Feel the texture of chicken skin
How to test a chicken that is not formalized or contains other chemicals is to touch and wipe a little skin. Look out for any flour or sandy texture. If you find a chicken with a texture like this, you should not buy it because it means the chicken is given chemicals. The flour texture is the remnants of chemicals that are not rinsed off.

3. There is no fly that hinges

Flies are indeed animals that are avoided for carrying seedlings disease. However, the fly can be a good indicator. If you buy whole chicken in the market, note that there are flies on the chicken. If it is not there, you should be suspicious because the chicken may contain chemical substances.

4. See Chicken Packaging

If you buy whole chicken in the supermarket, pay attention to the wrapper. Choose whole chicken whose wrapper is still intact and neat. The torn chicken wrap doesn't work perfectly protecting the chicken well. So that even germ dust could have been nested in it.

5. Breathe Chicken Smell

Whole chicken has a distinctive smell of fresh meat and will not cause a stinging smell of rancid. If you smell chicken with smell like fishy, you should avoid it. Chicken can be long sold, the quality is declining, and almost foul. Avoid also smelling chicken chemicals, which means the chicken has been washed or soaked with it.

6. Tap the chicken meat
The chicken is still fresh elastic textured. To test it, press the whole chicken meat you want to buy. If the pressure is directly back to the original shape, the chicken sign is still fresh. Conversely, if the chicken is pressed, the rinse is long or not revisit, meaning the chicken carcass is long enough. It could be chicken repeatedly through the process of freezing (storage) and thawing. So that the meat cells are damaged and not elastic.

7. Discharge of blood or chicken fluid

You should also avoid the chicken carcass that secrete blood or liquids. The chicken has been damaged because it is too often frozen and thawed also easily remove blood/fluid.

Well, that's the thing to be aware of if you want to choose whole chicken carcasses. Let's choose the chicken with more precision and caution. That way, your dishes can be safer and healthy. Happy shopping.

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