3 ways to cook tasty and tender chicken, Selezat processed restaurants

Compared to other foodstuffs such as beef or fish, how to cook chicken is considered easier. Chicken is one of the most often processed foodstuffs for side dishes at home. Known as food ingredients that are delicious and nutrient-rich, chicken is often made into a menu of delicious cuisine, ranging from fried chicken, grilled chicken, to soy sauce seasoning chicken.

Nevertheless, there are still many people who do not yet know how to cook the right chicken. Wrong way of cooking chicken can make the flesh less tender. Therefore, special tips and tricks are needed to make the texture, and the taste of the meat softer and savory. Well, here I summarize from various sources Wednesday (7/11/2018) 3 ways to cook a good chicken and to make it a maximum tender.

Tips on how to cook your chickens gently
1. Choose a younger chicken

Choosing a chicken is one of the things you should look out for. If you want to get processed chicken that is more tender and delicious, you can choose a chicken that is still young. Besides the meat is not too harsh, young chicken meat also has a more delicious flavor.

2. Do not keep the chicken too long in the refrigerator

Chicken Meat Storage Technique is one step of how to cook a chicken that is quite crucial. Longest, keep the chicken in the refrigerator for two days. Because the temperature of the refrigerator in the house is usually warmer than the food cooling temperature that is in the store, and more often open-lids. Although the time of the flesh is still somewhat old, usually the chicken is not so fresh.

3. Boil

To make your chicken fast tender and soft, then you can boil the flesh along with the pieces of sugar cane. By utilizing the pieces of sugar cane, chicken meat will be fast tender and soft. So you can process it into a variety of processed dishes that are delicious and tasty.

In addition to sugarcane, another way to cook chicken in order to quickly tender and soft is to boil it using coconut water. Boiling chicken meat with coconut water will make it easier to soft and soft, but it will also add flavor.

4. Be immersed

Before processing the chickens, be sure to spice it up first. Not only does it enrich the taste of meat, this technique will also make the texture of meat softer and lint. Season the chicken meat about 3-4 hours before cooking it to taste more delicious.

How to cook this chicken can be done if you want to cultivate chicken in a fried way. How to soak chicken meat with spices to suit your taste. In addition to making the meat faster tender, this soaking process will also make the meat more savory and delicious.

5. Slicing meat

Before processing it, thin slices of chicken meat following the flow of meat fibers, after that the meat o'clock to make it more tender. Usually, the way of cooking this chicken is suitable for use for grilled chicken or fried chicken.

6. Don't cook too long

How to cook the right chicken is avoid cooking chicken meat for too long.  Often done so that the chicken is perfectly cooked, cook it too long apparently can make the texture and fiber meat become harder, and dry. Therefore, pay attention to the chicken cooking time, and do not forget to turn the reverse so that the whole surface of the chicken meat is evenly cooked.

Well, if you know how to cook chicken tips, it's time to cultivate chicken into a favorite dish, such as grilled chicken, soy sauce seasoning chicken, as well as ordinary fried chicken. Here are some ways of cooking chicken.

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