3 careful steps to choose fresh vegetables appropriately

Vegetables can help the body get a good source of nutrients, fibers, and vitamins to maintain health. Unfortunately many still do not know how to choose the right vegetables. Wrong instead of being healthy, even the pain gained. Well for that, this time Kulina will share tips to choose vegetables to keep you family healthy.

Colors that still look fresh

For all kinds of vegetables, colors that still look fresh and not dull are the main characteristic if the vegetable is good for consumption. Especially for leaves vegetables such as spinach, kale, basil, celery etc., you must choose the one that is still colored green and bright (not yellow and wither). According to the United States Department of Agriculture and Drug and Food Administration (FDA) reports on 2011, spinach and celery include the most contaminated vegetable pesticide.

Don't forget to also note whether or not the vegetable has white patches. Because it could be remnants of pesticides that have dried up. For your chosen vegetables to be spared from germs and bacteria, you can soak them in salt water for about 10 minutes. After that rinse with running water. And if you want to keep leafy vegetables fresh, wash vegetables with cold water. Then dry it thoroughly, place it on the tightly closed box, and ready to be stored in the refrigerator.

Check textures to make sure
Buying vegetables in the market or the center of Farmers ' crops is the easiest way to get healthy vegetables. Smallholders usually do not use expensive pesticides on their crops because of their expensive price. But to better make sure you choose the right vegetable, don't forget to observe the texture and physical shape of the vegetable.

In leafy vegetables, the leaf bones should be clearly visible, and the vegetable stem is easily broken. For tubers, choose one that is textured hard or not loose, not watery, and is perforated. Fruit vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumber. It's good to choose which is still kecang or not wrinkled, intact, and not perforated.

Eating caterpillars can be a healthy vegetable characteristic
The existence of caterpillar in vegetables is still a debate. One side many believe if the perforated vegetable leaves are eaten caterpillar signifies if the vegetable is not contaminated with excessive pesticides. On the other hand, the use of various types of toxins and pesticides for a long time can also make pests so immune. But despite the debate, the caterpillar will only eat the fresh leaves and do not contain a lot of chemical drugs.

For leafy vegetables, you can choose which leaves are perforated because of the caterpillar. The origin of the leaves is not damaged or torn in almost the entire surface. But for fruit vegetables, grains, and tubers, you are forbidden to choose those that are perforated because of the caterpillar. This is because the meat portion of the caterpillars can easily rot and contaminated bacteria and germs that are harmful to health if consumed.

If there is no problem with the price, you can choose organic or hydroponic vegetables. Organic vegetables Obviously do not use pesticides and secured safe. While hydroponic vegetables are usually planted in greenhouses, it will be rarely attacked by pests and is almost impossible to use pesticides.

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